It is now 7 days until October 1, the deadline for coming up with Python Governance PEPs.

Some still relevant links: Python Language Governance Proposal Overview Python Governance Voting Process Open source governance survey

These are current ideas and proposals, some are placeholders still. The BDFL Governance Model The Council Governance Model (I'm claiming this PEP) The Community Governance Model The External Council Governance Model The Commons Governance Model

I have some questions:

1. Is everyone still ok with the Oct 1 as deadline for coming up with governance PEPs?

2. How do we discuss these PEPs? 

3. At the sprint, there's a small workgroup formed for coming up with the procedure to vote. How is that coming? Could someone please write up a brief summary? (perhaps as a separate email thread) I think it would be great to have this written up soon, before Oct 1.