3.5.8 final is kind of in limbo right now.  I had planned to release it early next week, however a regression has come up, tracked here:


At the moment this is a Release Blocker for 3.5.8, and therefore I can't release it.  Either we have to check in a fix, or we need to downgrade the issue from Release Blocker.

As I mention on the issue, depending on the complexity of the fix for this issue (if we go that route) I may do another rc before final.

In a holding pattern,


On 9/1/19 11:53 AM, Larry Hastings wrote:

Howdy howdy.  Here's what I'm thinking for the next release of 3.5.  This week I'm going to merge / reject all the outstanding PRs for 3.5, then cut rc1 at the Python Core Dev sprints next week, either Monday (2019/9/9) or Tuesday (2019/9/10).  This isn't a lot of notice, but things have slowed down a lot for 3.5, so I suspect nobody's going to be inconvenienced or bothered by the short notice.

However!  If you would be inconvenienced or bothered by the short notice--if you need more time to get a patch in for 3.5--just let me know and I can delay rc1.

Assuming no problems crop up in rc1, 3.5.8 final will be released two weeks after 3.5.8 rc1.