Fantastic, welcome Nikita!

On Sun, Jan 9, 2022 at 3:01 AM Dong-hee Na <> wrote:

I am very happy to share that Nikita Sobolev is now a member of the Python Triage team.

Nikita contributes various parts of CPython and he is a passionate contributor to Python, not only on CPython project but also on the mypy project and the typeshed project.

And he sends me a mail about what he interested in CPython
Here is the list
- Typing
- Unittest, doctest, and tests.
- Enum
- AST-Tooling

After I mentor the triage role itself for 4 weeks, I wish that any of the core dev who need more resources for those parts would mentor him
for his next step.

One more thing,
he is an amazing rock start in the Github universe :)

Happy New Year and Welcome on board Nikita!

Warm regards from Korea,
Software Development Engineer at Line corp.

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