Congratulations Hai Shi!
I am looking forward to your future contributions!


2020년 11월 14일 (토) 오전 12:38, Victor Stinner <>님이 작성:

I just gave the bug triage permission to Hai Shi. I will continue to
mentor him for his new responsibilities, as I already did through code
reviews last months.

In 2020, he is the #5 most active developer and the #1 most active
non-core dev developer on the CPython project!

He got 101 commits merged into the master branch. I'm working with him
on fixing the Python finalization (bpo-1635741), converting static
types to heap types (bpo-40077) and converting extension modules to
the multiphase initialization API (PEP 489). But he also fixed many
other issues. Hai Shi's commits:

While I'm was able to give him the permission on, I'm
still waiting for someone to give him the permission on GitHub as well
(to add labels on PRs):

Note: Just to be clear, he only becomes a trigger, not a core dev ;-)

I added him in CC in this email ;-)

Congratulations Hai Shi!

Night gathers, and now my watch begins. It shall not end until my death.
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