On 05/12/2015 05:19 PM, Nick Coghlan wrote:

Workflow 0: -0
Workflow 1: +1
Workflow 2:  +0

That's taking into account the clarification that the buildbots will be set up to track the 3.5.x branch after the beta is forked, and that Larry will also push the 3.5rcX repo to hg.python.org for branch testing.

I sort of assumed the buildbots would start building the 3.5 branch once it was created, yes.  (Are there any branches in the cpython repo that they ignore?)

When you say "branch testing", you mean "running the buildbots against it"?  Right now the UI for doing that is pretty clunky.  Kicking off a build against a server-side clone (iirc) requires clicking through a couple web pages, filling out a form, and clicking on a teeny-tiny button.  It would help *tremendously* here if I could get this automated, so I could run a script locally that made everything happen.

Is there a remote API for starting builds?  Or existing automation of any kind?  Who should I talk to about this stuff?

(Possible alternative plan for the latter: rc1 isn't until August, and I could aim to have a pilot Kallithea instance set up by then that uses bugs.python.org credentials to log in. If we didn't get that up and running for some reason, BitBucket could still be a fallback plan)

I'm happy to consider it.  My proposed workflow is only using a very small set of features, and I gather Kallithea already has those features.  Bolting on authentication from bugs.python.org would make it *less* friction than using Bitbucket.

But I couldn't say for sure until I got to try it.  So get cracking, Nick!