Hi everyone,

A small update since the last communication from the release team regarding the status of Python 3.11.0b4.

Unfortunately, even if we have fixed most of the original release blockers and 4 more that appear during this week, we still have a bunch of release blockers to deal with. One of them has been reported today.

I would like to release the next beta next week if everything looks good, but there are also some items that need discussion:.



Ideally we should reach consensus as a team on how to proceed in these issues. In particular, we should decide collectively what is an acceptable slowdown, specially looking to the release candidate.

If releasing the next betas is further delayed, I will consider delaying the full release schedule to accommodate for the delay so users have the appropriate time to test and validate every release.

Please do not hesitate in reaching out if you have any questions or concerns or if there is any issue you think we should include in the next release.

Thanks everyone for your help and understanding. I'm sure 3.11 is going to be an outstanding release thank to all of you :)

Cheers from cloudy London,
Pablo Galindo Salgado