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Did you notice that you are already chatting by email? Chatting about
other chat platforms :-) Why not just accepting that emails won? :-)

I have several communities that *only* communicate through Discord, never email. On the python-dev mailing list, sure, email won. In other places, it most assuredly didn't. There's also the social dimension that is simply not present in email -- for good reason. There are many messages I have not sent simply because it's email, so it's more effort and carries much more weight. Discourse is better at this with 'likes' as well as direct linking and cross-referencing. It's still not the same as Discord or similar chat programs.

FWIW, I would love to add a core dev Discord server to my long-ish list of Discord servers. It's a chat platform I find convenient (much more so than Zulip and Slack, and slightly more so than IRC), very organised, with good moderation tools (better than Slack and IRC), and widely adopted. If people prefer other platforms I will endeavour to participate, but it won't be as convenient to me as Discord.

When discuss.python.org was launched, a few discussions moved there,
and slowly, moved back to python-dev list.

Emails will never die! :-D

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