On Thu., Oct. 7, 2021, 12:35 a.m. Chris Withers, <chris@withers.org> wrote:

Oh, well, that would explain the sudden influx of low value/quality PRs including people pinging me directly by email..

huge -1 from me, please can we opt out of this?

We are opted-out right now so none of the PRs are eligible for hacktoberfest currently, and we're not showing up under  hacktoberfest.

Can you share some links to the PRs that you consider low quality? I'm only aware of the codespell typo fixes.
I'd like to see if the low quality is due to hacktoberfest or whether they're historically only ever made low quality PRs.

If indeed the low quality PR was due to hacktoberfest, then I think we should make announcement to remind people that we're not accepting those, (and that they could be disqualified). 

When you say people are pinging you directly via email, what are they asking for?