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Frankly, I feel pretty disenfranchised by the process
at the moment.


I wouldn't go as far as disenfranchised, but just this thread made it clear
to me that taking in information is at least 10x faster if presented on a
mailing list.

Discourse feels like eating soup with a fork, especially now that the
volume is higher.

Indeed.  As soon as a discussion is starting to become branchy,
Discourse just ruins readability compared to a normal threaded
discussion system.  The electoral system discussion is an example of that:

Huh, I found the experience exactly the opposite. I was just remarking last night how glad I was that the discussion happened in discourse instead of on the mailing list, because of how poorly I felt the discussion would have gone on a mailing list. The ability to trivially multi quote alone was a drastic improvement, much less the ability to control, on a topic by topic basis, what level of notification I wanted for that topic.

Perhaps the difference is in that every mail client I’ve ever used presents mailing list threads (or any thread) as a singular flat stream anyways? To be honest, I find the threaded views on like hyper kitty or piper mail to be abysmal anyways :|