Hummm, list_resize() is here:

I am force-pushing to that branch when I need to rebase or cherry-pick with merge conflicts so the SHAs may change (maybe that’s why GitHub shows that message).

On 24 Oct 2022, at 16:59, Gregory P. Smith <> wrote:

On Mon, Oct 24, 2022 at 3:59 AM Pablo Galindo Salgado <> wrote:
Hi everyone,

I emerged from cherry-picking hell! As mentioned previously, the 3.11.0 final release will be done from the "branch-v3.11.0" branch
and will contain a bunch of cherry-picked commits on top of v3.11.0rc2. These commits are:

* All documentation commits that **do not touch** any source code (120+ commits).
* The following bugfixes:
+ 6b999982cb8 gh-95027: Fix regrtest stdout encoding on Windows (GH-98492)
+ 970c10aa6d0 gh-97616: list_resize() checks for integer overflow (GH-97617)
+ 67f5d24e44c gh-96848: Fix -X int_max_str_digits option parsing (GH-96988)
+ 9e008fe3519 gh-96821: Fix undefined behaviour in `_testcapimodule.c` (GH-96915) (GH-96927)
+ bac61bc5b13 gh-95778: Mention sys.set_int_max_str_digits() in error message (GH-96874)
+ 9cb7324e8fc [3.11] gh-96587: Raise `SyntaxError` for PEP654 on older `feature_version` (GH-96588) (#96591)
+ 84fd4a54a61 [3.11] gh-97897: Prevent os.mkfifo and os.mknod segfaults with macOS 13 SDK (GH-97944) (#97969)
+ 1a788914ca6 gh-96865: [Enum] fix Flag to use CONFORM boundary (GH-97528)
+ c95433573ac [3.11] gh-98331: Update bundled pip to 22.3 (GH-98332) (gh-98400)
+ fc127628d58 gh-98414: py.exe launcher does not use defaults for -V:company/ option (GH-98460)
+ 585c95df957 [3.11] GH-97752: Clear the previous member of newly-created generator/coroutine frames (GH-97812)
+ 4e0fda59f1f gh-98360: multiprocessing now spawns children on Windows with correct argv[0] in virtual environments (GH-98462)
+ 4c0c1e201a8 [3.11] gh-97514: Don't use Linux abstract sockets for multiprocessing (GH-98501) (GH-98502)
+ d0ab10f6f01 [3.11] GH-97002: Prevent _PyInterpreterFrames from backing more than one PyFrameObject (GH-98002)
+ 154b3cd7516 GH-96975: Skip incomplete frames in PyEval_GetFrame (GH-97018)

Please check these commits and let me know ASAP if we are missing something you would like to include on the 3.11.0 final release.

You have until 15:00 UTC+0 today to let me know, otherwise, your changes will need to wait until 3.11.1.

Github is claiming this list_resize() commit does not exist on a branch for me?

Is that just github being wonky or something else?

I double checked the following commits and they look good and show up on github as being on branch-v3.11.0:

I didn't check others, those were the ones I was familiar with.

Thanks for your help!

Regards from sunny London,
Pablo Galindo Salgado
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