On Mon, Mar 14, 2022 at 11:43 AM Marc-Andre Lemburg <mal@egenix.com> wrote:
On 14.03.2022 19:34, Brett Cannon wrote:
> Greg proposed something like "Code changes to support platforms beyond tier1 or
> tier2 may be rejected, broken, or removed from the CPython codebase without
> notice if they cause a maintenance burden for tier1&2 or obstruct general
> improvements." and drop the concept of tier 3. Does that work for you?

Almost :-) I don't understand the "without notice". I guess Greg
meant "without deprecation process". Removal of support code should
be discussed on a ticket and then listed in PEP 11 and
mentioned in the NEWS file, as usual.

I guess I was trying to convey that we may not even have a way to know that we're breaking something on a non-tier1/2 platform anyways so "without notice" was just me trying to set people's expectations.  We don't go out of our way to _try_ and break things most of the time.  "without a deprecation process" is also reasonable wording.  Feel free to adopt those words.

Ideally we try to have discussion somewhere relevant when we _know_ we'd intentionally be removing support for something (for example of why: See the debacle that happened when dropping Solaris support was proposed).


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