On Mon, 29 Feb 2016 at 12:10 M.-A. Lemburg <mal@egenix.com> wrote:
On 29.02.2016 18:38, Brett Cannon wrote:
> ... If we
> happen to be at a meetup or conference that has not implemented a CoC that
> shouldn't give us an excuse as esteemed representatives of this language
> and community to be lax in our behaviour since how we act as core devs is
> probably amplified compared to others in the community.

This is the part about all this CoC talk I never understand. Why
on earth would someone change their regular behavior when
"at a meetup or conference that has not implemented a CoC" ?

This sounds to me like a very "Wild West" kind of interpretation of
civil life that doesn't necessarily map to other societies - and
even the days of "Wild West" are long over, aren't they ;-)

To me, the main purpose of CoCs is not the text itself. It's
getting organizers thinking about how they would react to possible
issues upfront.

How about this then: we make it policy that all core-involved "stuff' -- mailing lists, issue tracker, etc. -- are to be explicitly put under the PSF CoC? I think python-dev and bugs.python.org are things we control which do not explicitly follow the PSF CoC (I have an email to python-dev-owner@ to get get python-dev updated but I have not heard back; <nudge> :). We could also, as policy, put all projects under the python organization on GitHub -- existing and future -- under the PSF CoC by adding an appropriate CONTRIBUTING file to the repositories.