I’ve found Gitter works well. I’d use that, assuming it was only open to core devs and invitees.

On Thu, May 13, 2021 at 16:39 Senthil Kumaran <senthil@python.org> wrote:
Hello Core Dev,

I find a need for a core-dev chat service, wherein I could engage in
some quick effervescent conversations.

It is like a team chat, that is popular with remote work these days.
We even seem to have used Zoom Chat yesterday!

* I know #python-dev in IRC exists, but it is mostly a channel for
bots to send notifications, and there are plenty.  I am not certain if
any core dev is active there. There was a time when this was active.
* We tried python discord last year, and were bit overwhelmed with the
number of channels and inability to customize
* There seems to be Slack called pyslackers too[1]. I am yet to try it.

To have a proper team-chat, we need a service (a) as well as (b) team
using that.

Does anyone else feel the need? Should we explore any? My thoughts and
options are

a) Resurrect #python-dev - changing notifications to different group.
b) Request for core-dev in pyslackers Slack
c) Request for core-dev in Discord.

Any other ideas are welcome.

If you think that chatting is not a good idea, and a mailing list, and
discourse(discuss.python.org) are the best option, please share your
thoughts as well.

If we feel a chat service will be a good idea for core-dev to
hangaround, then we can go to stage 2 of choosing the service by votes
in discourse (discuss.python.org).

Thank you,
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