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* The other is tasked with handling rare one-off situations where the stated goals are considering the needs of the community, being respectful as possible to all parties, and doing what they can to mitigate the harm to the violator.  The express intent is to protect the vibrancy of the Python community rather than acting with an intent to punish, humiliate, or discredit the affected person.

Well, on the scale of things, the population of USSR in 1937 was 170 million and the number of people tried by the troikas was at highest estimates around 700,000.  That's a lot, but still less than 0.5%.  Trust me, people serving in troikas had sincere believes that they were protecting the vibrant new community from those seeking to enslave people.

Luckily, in the Python community, episodes that require repressive actions are rare enough that they can be dealt on a case by case basis without causing much distraction.  There is no need to over-formalize the process.