This month there were over 350 emails in python-dev with the word "pathlib" in the title.  Yet, despite this massive online debate, nobody volunteered to present about pathlib at the language summit.

Based on Jake Edge's summary of the conversation from we've boiled down the debate to these six basic positions.
  1. We should keep pathlib in the standard library.
  2. We should remove pathlib from the standard library.
  3. The Path object should inherit from str.
  4. The Path object shouldn't inherit from str; it should continue to be its own unrelated type.
  5. We need a new "fspath" protocol.
  6. We don't need an "fspath" protocol.
We'd like some volunteers to speak on each of these positions.  Speakers should plan for a maximum of 2 minutes per position.  After the six positions are presented at the summit we'll open the floor for debate.

You're encouraged to volunteer to present more than one!  For example, if you think we need the protocol, you're probably pro- keeping the object and anti-inherit from str.  (Brett, we're looking at you.)

Please note, volunteers should be people who are *already invited to the summit*.  We can't invite additional people just for this--and we're basically full anyway.



p.s. In case you're thinking "That's not fair!  I can't make it to the summit, I don't want to get left out of the decision!"  We don't propose to make any binding decisions at the summit--unless the BDFL makes pronouncements there of course.  This discussion is intended as a quick face-to-face debate on the topic, both to inform the delegates at the summit, and to possibly find a rough consensus.

p.p.s. If we mischaracterized the debate, and the positions above aren't a good distillation, by all means follow up and make a counter-proposal!  We're listening.