I appreciate and respect the importance of these decisions. The dates that I suggested, and I am not anchored to any of them, were not selected to rush or be hasty. Instead, it was respect for our time together (at least some of us) at the September sprint and to have all proposals on the table by that time.

You make a good point about European holidays. I am not opposed to delaying a couple of weeks (due date for proposals by the September sprint start).

My biggest concern is that dragging this on into the new year will result in more bikeshedding, more uncertainty, and less confidence in the developer community decision making ability.

Hoping we can compromise on a happy medium on a timeline.

On Thu, Jul 19, 2018, 10:36 AM Antoine Pitrou <antoine@python.org> wrote:

Le 19/07/2018 à 19:26, Carol Willing a écrit :
> Would it be possible to have all proposals:
> - How to determine the governance structure (PEP 10 or other approval
> process)
> - The suggested governance structure
> submitted by AOE August 31, 2018?
> That would give everyone 40ish days to get their proposals in for either
> topic.

Much too short IMHO.  We are all volunteers, plus July-August is often
an extended leave (holiday) period in European countries (not for me,
but I imagine for other people perhaps).

This is a serious decision to take, I don't think we gain anything in
hasting things.  Plus we are talking about a situation that seems to
have taken everyone by surprise, given what I can read of the various

Let's let people think and elaborate at a calm pace.


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