Right now we have eight online buildbots for Python trunk.  Of those, currently *six* are reporting errors in either the compile or test phases.
There's one platform ("AMD64 Snow Leop") where the failures are sporadic "stack overflow" errors encountered during the test suite.  But the other five platforms have consistent failures, build after build.  Those platforms:
AMD64 OpenIndiana
AMD64 Windows7 SP1
x86 Windows Server 2003 [SB]
x86 Windows7
x86 XP-4
That includes *all* of the Windows buildbots.

Gosh, it sure would be nice if Beta 1 didn't fail on Windows, wouldn't it?  Could some Windows core devs take a look at the failures and see about cleaning them up?

Naturally the OpenIndiana and OS X devs are invited to fix the errors on those platforms too,


p.s. My apologies for not bringing attention to this sooner.  But, well, we still have a day left, right?