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That said, I also think that the general rule of only bug fix changes post beta 1 is the right policy.  For other changes, or anything that you think straddles the line between bug fix and non-bug fix, ask the Release Manager.  The RM’s primary role at this time is to ensure the stability of the final release.  Their judgement is critical to the success of the final release, so ask!  CC the RM on the PR and request their approval and comment.

I’ll also say that I personally give the RM a lot of latitude and authority to unilaterally revert any change they are not comfortable with.  If the change author and RM cannot agree on whether a post-beta change is appropriate, you can escalate to the Steering Council.

For the record, the Steering Council discussed this topic last night, and this is also the official SC standpoint. I would like to think it needn't be said, but to be on the safe side: the RMs are in charge of the release, and the policies they have set should be followed. If you disagree with a RM and can't resolve it yourself, escalate to the SC.

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