Hi everyone,

I am currently swamped fixing merge conflicts from the cherry-picking to the final release candidate but I wanted to write to tell you I'm excited to confirm that we will be haven a Python 3.11 release party as we did last year with 3.10. The event will be co-hosted by the fantastic people of the Python discord channel. The URL for the stream is this one:


The release party will start on October 24th at 17:00 UTC+0.

In this stream, some core developers (Irit, Mark, Brandt, Thomas and Łukasz) will be talking about Python 3.11 features, the work on the faster CPython project, some sneak peek on Python 3.12 and beyond, talking about the core Dev in residence role and other things with some time for moderated Q&A. I will be doing the release live and will also cover what I am doing. Is a fantastic opportunity to watch me break everything live :) 

Who knows, maybe I break GitHub..... again! :D

In the end, people from the audience will be able to ask questions in a moderated Q&A, so it would be fantastic if you can be there to maybe answer some questions from the comments or complete the ones we give (or correct us if we say something wrong). Or you can just hang out quietly. Whatever you prefer is good!

The main purpose of the stream is to raise excitement about Python 3.11, explain the new features to users, try to get the community closer to the core Dev team and allow them to ask questions to the core dev team. Also, funny party hats will be used!

I hope you find the event interesting and consider attending. Python 3.11 is going to be a fantastic release and we want it to be even better :)

Please, reach out to me if you have any questions or suggestions.

Regards from rainy London,
Pablo Galindo Salgado