Thanks Ethan for clarifying. Totally cool if that is the case.

On Wed, Jul 18, 2018, 10:19 PM Ethan Furman <> wrote:
On 07/18/2018 09:40 PM, Carol Willing wrote:
> I am in favor of a time limit. Yet, October 1 seems a bit too long for the initial governance decision (i.e. how to
> decide how to decide). My perspective, based on transitions in non-profits and the corporate world, is that the longer
> an organization let's it draw out then fear, uncertainty, and doubt creep in.
> We have PEP 10 in place for a strawperson vote. It seems as good as anything to use to determine how to make a decision.
> Perhaps set a 30 day deadline to submit decision process recommendations. Then take a strawperson poll on each and at
> the core sprint create a time window for specific proposals on structure be submitted before October 1.
> My concern if we leave how to decide until at least Oct 1 that the likelihood of completing this year is fairly low.

My understanding is that, between now and Oct 1, we'll all get our proposals together for both how to decide, and what
to decide.  Then we have the first vote to decide how to decide, then maybe a week or two later we use that mechanism to
decide on a governance model.


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