On Fri, 20 Jul 2018 at 17:05 Victor Stinner <vstinner@redhat.com> wrote:
2018-07-21 0:58 GMT+02:00 Mariatta Wijaya <mariatta.wijaya@gmail.com>:
> Oct 1: Deadline for people to come up with proposals of governance model,
> candidates, and how to vote
> Dec 1: Deadline to choose a governance model, (and if possible, we choose
> the new leader(s) too)

What happens between October and December? People have 2 months to
vote for their preferred governance?
Why is the vote open for 2

I think the plan would be  to discuss what goes on the ballot and figuring out who will vote (based on our decision by Oct 1), and then voting would be open for the month of November).
Can't we vote in 2 weeks for example?

Because others have been worried that a short amount of time to vote for such a serious thing, especially if people happen to not be available. Or put another way, people want enough lead time to be sure they are available to vote and know to look for a voter email if they happen to be travelling for all of November (just like you don't want us to make you write up your governance proposal in August ;) .

I guess that "Deadline" means that we are allowed to agree on
something earlier :-) In that case, I'm fine with that.

Maybe. As I said, some people have asked for a large lead time to know when a vote will happen to make themselves available so I'm not sure how much we may be able to bring it up. It's possible, but I don't think it's guaranteed.