Why not creating a 3.3.0 branch to prepare the release instead of a different repository?


Le 19 août 2012 13:05, "Georg Brandl" <g.brandl@gmx.net> a écrit :
Dear committers,

if the buffer/array-related blockers are resolved in time, the rc1
will be released one week from now.

Since some people asked: at the moment we are not in the RC phase yet,
so fixing bugs is allowed, but it would be advisable to have a second
committer review any nontrivial fix.

>From the release of rc1, I will keep the code that will become 3.3 in
a separate repo, so that commits to "default" on cpython *won't* go
into 3.3.  You will have to notify me of all commits that you think
*should* go there, so that I can cherry-pick them.  Not all bugfixes
fall into that category; only showstopper-level ones.  The rest will
have to wait for 3.3.1.


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