Everything I read in this thread says that 2.7 only gets bug fixes, and even at that it has to be a pretty bad bug.  (Benjamin: "If it's been broken for all of the 2.x series, it probably doesn't need to be fixed now.")  I don't see even mild dissent; the replies have been strongly unanimous.

Less than a day ago Benjamin relented on reverting Raymond's deque-block-size changeset.  He has since reapplied the change.  Therefore as of now this change will go into 2.7.6.  Although it looks like a fine idea, AFAICT this is not a bug fix--unless a longstanding performance regression can be considered a bug fix.  So I don't understand why this change was reapplied.

I'm not questioning the decision--I'm asking, what is the heuristic I can apply in the future to predict whether or not a change will be accepted into the 2.7 branch.  My current heuristic ("only bad bug fixes") seems to be on the fritz.