I'm sending on her behalf:

Hi folks - 

Bletchley Park https://bletchleypark.org.uk/ may be of interest to some of you attending the Sprint in London. The park closes at 5pm so if there is a group of folks interested in going Sunday Sept 8th, it is recommended. Everyone can buy their tickets online.

Locals may have better suggestions on how to get there, but looking at maps, it takes about 1h30m to get to the Park via public transport from the hotel many of you are staying at (Premier Inn London Bank Tower). 

Going at 10am or 11am is probably best. If anyone is interested in going, feel free to email me off-list and I can start a separate email thread with those interested. Unfortunately, I am not going so beyond getting the discussion going, I won't be of much help after :) 



P.S. for those that prefer to go the Saturday after the Sprint (Sept 14), please note that the website shows limited availability. I recommend booking your tickets ASAP if that day if your preference.
Sunday before