Believe it or not, there are people who are not familiar with the IRC culture.
And those people are who enter the opensource culture after the 2010s.
That period coincides with the growth of GitHub.

So I'm also a supporter of new communication tools.
Here the list below is my consideration.

a) Are people familiar? 
If the tools are widely used by the tech company, I'd like to give the score.
Because if the people are not familiar, it loses accessibility and maybe nobody use after some period.

b) Does it has a thread feature?
I believe that most of the core devs need this feature since I observe that we discuss some topics intensively for long periods of time.

c) Does it has a secret channel?

d) Can we get a sponsor from the provider or PSF for using the tools.
Because most of the tools have a subscription system and without that, we can not use the advanced features.
For example, with free tier Slack, we lose old historical data.

So here is final my preferred list of that consideration
>>>  ["Slack", "Discord", "Teams"]

But my personal recent experience with the Discord public server was not that good.
Because I got a lot of personal talks invitation that is actually spam or scam.
So I exit the channel after the sprint is ended even though I use Discord personally.
If we choose Discord, I'd like to suggest creating a new server for PSF, not the rendezvous with the existed server.
This is the same opinion with Slack if we have the possibility to meet with the same issue.


2021년 5월 14일 (금) 오전 8:39, Senthil Kumaran <>님이 작성:
Hello Core Dev,

I find a need for a core-dev chat service, wherein I could engage in
some quick effervescent conversations.

It is like a team chat, that is popular with remote work these days.
We even seem to have used Zoom Chat yesterday!

* I know #python-dev in IRC exists, but it is mostly a channel for
bots to send notifications, and there are plenty.  I am not certain if
any core dev is active there. There was a time when this was active.
* We tried python discord last year, and were bit overwhelmed with the
number of channels and inability to customize
* There seems to be Slack called pyslackers too[1]. I am yet to try it.

To have a proper team-chat, we need a service (a) as well as (b) team
using that.

Does anyone else feel the need? Should we explore any? My thoughts and
options are

a) Resurrect #python-dev - changing notifications to different group.
b) Request for core-dev in pyslackers Slack
c) Request for core-dev in Discord.

Any other ideas are welcome.

If you think that chatting is not a good idea, and a mailing list, and
discourse( are the best option, please share your
thoughts as well.

If we feel a chat service will be a good idea for core-dev to
hangaround, then we can go to stage 2 of choosing the service by votes
in discourse (

Thank you,
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