On Mon, 5 Nov 2018 at 11:29, Paul Moore <p.f.moore@gmail.com> wrote:
On Mon, 5 Nov 2018 at 19:11, Brett Cannon <brett@python.org> wrote:
>> I'd like to spend some time reviewing the proposals and understanding
>> the options we're being asked to vote on, but I do *not* want to waste
>> time reviewing proposals that are still in flux. How do I know when I
>> can do that?
> I think the original point to this thread was to figure that out. My assumption is that if we don't change dates then all 801X PEPs will forcibly go into "final" status and not be updated short of spelling mistakes or clarifications that were simply overlooked -- i.e. no semantic changes -- on November 15.

Hmm, so voting opens immediately after the PEPs are finalised? No
discussion/debate period before that?

You get 2 weeks of that since the vote is open that long (as currently planned). I'm not sure if the UK has this, but think of it like voting by mail. People are still discussing stuff while you can mail in your vote, so if you aren't ready to cast your vote until the last day then you can wait while those of us who are ready Day 1 can vote early.
Maybe I misunderstood, I'd
assumed that this would be more similar to an election process, with a
period of canvassing support and/or debating the strengths and
weaknesses of the proposals, leading up to a vote.

But there's also no election _day_ like you might be used to, but instead an election _pair of weeks_. Do you really want to have threads like this for more than two weeks anyway? ;)

OK. I can't say I *like* that, but if that's what's happening then
that probably explains some of my confusion.

Hopefully the above explanation assuages your worries, otherwise I don't understand your worries.