[This has been sent to python-committers, python-dev, and python-ideas]

Recently, a series of discussions on this mailing list resulted in behavior that did not live up to the standards of the Python Community. The PSF Board of Directors, Python Steering Council, and the PSF Conduct Working Group would like to remind this community that our shared goal is to advance the Python language while simultaneously building a diverse, inclusive, and welcoming Python community. While the community has made progress in recent years, this discussion made it clear to many of us that we still have room to grow.

At the request of the PSF Board, the Steering Council, and members of the community, the PSF Conduct WG met to discuss these recent events and recommend action. As a result, warnings will be given to several members of the Python Community, and the Steering Council will be taking further action.

Especially during passionate discussions like these, we'd like to ask that all Pythonistas focus on being welcoming and respectful, and that we all try to act in the best spirit of the Python Community.

Thank you,
Python Steering Council
PSF Board of Directors
PSF Conduct WG