Hey Brett,

Should the people with "Privileges relinquished..." in their notes (e.g. https://github.com/python/voters/blob/master/python-core.toml#L1230) be in this list or in https://github.com/python/voters/blob/master/former-committers.md ?


On Fri, Jul 26, 2019 at 4:46 PM Brett Cannon <brett@python.org> wrote:
Since the discussion of how to define the canonical list of Python core team membership finished (https://mail.python.org/archives/list/python-committers@python.org/thread/MIS3UESO6UIIULBCCMAZI5WVYZJPDE7R/), I have gone ahead and created the official list.

EVERYONE, please go to https://github.com/python/voters/blob/master/python-core.toml and fill in your information (remember you can make changes through GitHub's web UI). Please note that the repository is private and so only fellow core developers or people with admin privileges to the Python org on GitHub can see that file (and if you're curious, it should be in reverse chronological order of joining the team). And everyone has information to fill in except Paul G. and myself (since I added Paul's details when I on-boarded him and I obviously knew all of my details :) .

It is important you fill in your details. PEP 13 says active core team members get to vote, have commit access, etc. The plan is to automate adding/removing privileges when we calculate who has been active and so this info will be needed to do that, else empty data will lead to you losing access. FYI the latest this updating of privileges will occur is probably the next steering council election which is slated for October when 3.8.0 goes out.

Here's a quick primer to what all the fields mean in the TOML file:

- name: self-explanatory ;) (luckily this has turned out to be unique for everyone)
- other_names: if you happened to have committed under multiple names (I've filled this in for everyone the best I could, so people shouldn't need to change this)
- voting_address: the email address you want voting ballots sent to (this repo is private so use whatever email address you want; currently filled in based on your email address in the last steering council election)
- joined: when you joined the core team; I did the best I could based on the developer log, and otherwise calculated it based on your first merge/commit
- github: your GitHub username
- bpo: your bugs.python.org username
- discourse: your discuss.python.org username

I'll also mention I created https://github.com/python/voters/blob/master/former-committers.md to keep a record of who has had access to the CPython repo but are not in the Python core team roster.

Finally, next steps. With this list done my next plan is to write up a script to use git changes to calculate who has been active. After that I'll write code to take the list of active members and generate the voter roll for steering council elections. From there I'll write some code to generate a new developer log for the devguide with all private info stripped out (e.g. voting email address). Finally, code will be written to help automatically add/remove privileges for (in)active team members.
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