Requiring Travis to pass
Yes please.

 Cherry-picking working out?
Works for me. And I've done a lot of this :)

are the labels for cherry-picking working out?
I like the [3.6] Prefix (Thanks Berker for suggesting it originally)
I think [cherry-pick for  3.6] label is still useful as a visual cue in the GitHub Web UI, but it does create extra work for core devs to apply the labels. Perhaps won't be an issue once the cherry-pick bot is in place?
Anyway, I think we should keep both :)

Is the mention bot helpful?
I think if we can reduce the number of reviewers from 5 to 3 or 2, it might reduce the amount of spam people are getting? 
When someone starts blacklisting themselves from the mention-bot, it just means that another person will now get spammed, and then decided to blacklist themselves too. 

anything I missed?
I'm wishing for an easy way to differentiate/identify PRs where:
- It's been reviewed, changes were requested, but author has not responded/made updates. --> so don't bother reviewing
- It's been reviewed, changes were requested, and author has updated the PR. --> so it's ready for another look
At the moment, both of these scenarios are shown as  "Changes Requested" in GitHub web UI. It's hard to determine whether it's time to re-review the PR or not.

Maybe we can add [wip] in the title after we requested the change. Once PR author made further changes, they can remove the [wip]. 

Right now, cherry-picking is very annoying but I'm not sure that
merging would be much better with the PR requirement.  I'm looking
forward to automation!
I have a semi-automated command line script here:
Please try it out :) I've cherry-picked quite a number of commits with this.
Works well when you don't anticipate any merge conflicts :)

The command line is something like:
$ python -m cherry_picker some-commit-sha1 3.6 3.5
It will do the cherry-pick and opens up web browser for creating the PR, with head and base branches preselected.
All you need to do is enter [3.5] or [3.6] in the description, and press the shiny green 'Create Pull Request' button.

Related: here's a list of merged PRs that need backporting to 3.6

Overall, I'm positive on the move.  Thanks for continuing to shepherd
the migration, Brett!

Mariatta Wijaya

On Sat, Mar 11, 2017 at 8:05 AM, Donald Stufft <> wrote:

On Mar 11, 2017, at 3:03 AM, Zachary Ware <> wrote:

Is the mention bot helpful? (Our config is at and the docs are

I think so, it has prompted me to give a quick review on a couple of
PRs.  It is occasionally annoying, but it's not hard to ignore.  I can
see how it would be *very* annoying for anyone who has touched large
swaths of the codebase, though.  If there's a way to make it opt-in,
perhaps we could give that a spin?

There’s no way to make it opt-in except by having people explicitly list what files they want to be notified on (either on an always basis, or on a “if you couldn’t find enough people through your heuristics” basis).

Donald Stufft

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