On Sat, Aug 18, 2012 at 11:01 AM, Christian Heimes <lists@cheimes.de> wrote:
Am 18.08.2012 15:08, schrieb Stefan Krah:
> Christian Heimes <lists@cheimes.de> wrote:
>> Yup, my login still works. I can send you a CSV or XML report if you like.
> Thanks, got the CSV!
> If anyone has the possibility to create new accounts, I would like to apply
> for one.

Who usually uploads the necessary files to coverity? The current files
are rather old (patchlevel.h says 3.3.0a0). I was able to create the
report files but the files must be uploaded to a registered location.

I think I'm still listed as the main contact and I never uploaded anything. I believe Coverty pulls the files in themselves.