I would like to propose that we opt-in the CPython project for Hacktoberfest this year, by adding the hacktoberfest topic on the GitHub repository. 


Hacktoberfest is an annual event organized by Digital Ocean, now in the 8th year, where aspiring contributors are encouraged to contribute to open source projects. 

I'm a member of the Hacktoberfest Advisory council this year. As council members, we discussed the focus on maintainers and rewarding maintainers for their participation. 

This year, maintainers can also get rewarded for helping to review pull requests that come during this month.

Additionally, participating projects can get listed in their "Giving" page, where people can find projects to donate to. It would be great for CPython to be listed there so people can donate through GitHub Sponsors.

In order to participate, we need to add the "hacktoberfest" topic on the repo, it will signify that we're accepting hacktoberfest contributions.

If you, as core developers, want to be rewarded for hacktoberfest (get a commemorative t-shirt, or have a tree planted on your behalf), then you can sign up here: https://hacktoberfest.digitalocean.com/ (choose to sign up as maintainer). This is totally optional.

I know you're all already reviewing PRs anyway. Yes we may receive increased PRs, if you don't have the bandwidth of reviewing additional PRs, you don't have to try to increase your capacity. Just continue doing what you're already doing.

In the past, we did receive quite a number of spam/invalid PRs in this month, which led to projects having to opt-in for hacktoberfest. Since projects have to opt-in, it reduces the number of projects people can contribute to. I'm hoping that CPython can opt-in this year and be welcoming of hacktoberfest contributions.

I would suggest that we opt-in for at least a week. If we do see many spammy PRs, then let's opt out of it. If not, we can continue.

I do have the ability to add/remove hacktoberfest topic myself, so if we're okay with this, I can go ahead and do it. I will also remove the topic once the month ended.

To reiterate:
- As core devs, you don't have to do anything more. Continue doing what you're doing now.
- As core devs, it is optional for you to sign up for Hacktoberfest. If you do sign up, you could receive commemorative t-shirt, or have a tree planted on your behalf
- By opting in, we can get listed in Hacktoberfest's giving page, to give exposure to our GitHub Sponsors page
- We may see more spammy PRs. If this becomes an issue, we'll opt-out.

Let me know if you have any concerns. 

I'll wait till Friday, if there's no strong objection, I will proceed with opting in.