On Nov 3, 2018, at 3:17 PM, Antoine Pitrou <antoine@python.org> wrote:

Le 03/11/2018 à 20:15, Donald Stufft a écrit :

I’m the other way. I basically don’t participate in python-dev or python-ideas anymore because of the issues mailing lists have.

Just a question: which tool do you use to participate in distutils-sig
discussions, then?

It’s the only mailing list (well besides this one, but this one only because it’s low traffic enough normally I didn’t filter it out into a folder to ignore) I still actively participate in. Even there I’ve been consciously pushing more of my own traffic to GitHub, or avoiding doing things that would require discussion on distutils-sig instead working on things that I could discuss entirely on GitHub.

My experience with the Governance discussion lead me to post https://mail.python.org/mm3/archives/list/distutils-sig@python.org/message/VXXPZCVRLH27N46TR3P6IEOKIA47POCM/ last night, so I’m pulling myself generally out of distutils-sig as well.