I don't know how the configuration on this stuff works.  But my dim understanding is: some automation from Github (that we own / configure / wrote) notices that we have a new checkin on a PR and kicks off the Travis CI build.  The problem is that sometimes the status of the Travis CI build doesn't get reported back.

It seems to me that this is a race condition.  You don't usually lose the race, and so usually everything is fine.  But it's super frustrating on the rare occasion when you do lose the race, because you're stuck.  You can't do anything to fix it.

But that itself suggests the solution--when a user loses the race, let the user retry.  If we simply had a "restart Travis CI job" button somewhere, I think that'd be a good-enough "Band-Aid" over the problem that we could live with it for a long long time.  Long enough maybe for someone to fix the bug!  Or for someone to replace Travis CI with something less race-condition-y!


On 10/16/20 1:41 AM, Victor Stinner wrote:

Python has no mandatory Linux CI job on pull requests anymore. Right
now Windows (x64) remains the only mandatory job. Please be careful to
manually check other CI before merging a PR.


We had to deal with at least 3 different issues on the Travis CI over
the last 6 months. The latest one (3rd issue) is on the Travis CI side
and is known for months. Sometimes, a Travis CI build completes but
the GitHub pull request is never updated. Since Travis CI was
mandatory, it was never possible to merge some pull requests. I also
noticed a 4th bug, sometimes a PR gets *two* Travis CI jobs on a PR
for the same Travis CI build, only one is updated, and so again, the
PR cannot be merged.

For all these reasons, Travis CI was made optional.

I would be nice to have a mandatory Linux job: "Tests / Ubuntu
(pull_request)" is a good candidate. But I didn't check if it's
reliable or not.

See https://github.com/python/core-workflow/issues/377 for the discussion.

Note: if someone manages to fix all Travis CI issues, we can
reconsider making it mandatory again. But it seems like most people
who tried (included me) are tired or bored by Travis CI.