On 05/22/2015 02:29 PM, Chris Barker wrote:
Is it too late to get the isclose() code (PEP 485) into 3.5?

I posted the code here, and got a tiny bit of review, but have not yet merged it into the source tree -- and don't know the process for getting it committed to the official source.

So -- too late, or should I try to get that merge done soon -- if so, how?

Posting your plea here is a good start.  Hopefully you can find a core dev familiar enough with the issues involved that they can (quickly!) guide it through the process of getting it checked in.

Given that this is a new feature I can live with it being checked in at the last minute, as it shouldn't destabilize the build.  Still, I would prefer that it was checked in far enough in advance that you can watch the buildbots ( http://buildbot.python.org/all/waterfall?category=3.x.stable ) and maybe even iterate if the checkin causes problems.