I'm sorry we had to ban Guido for three months but maybe he'll learn his lesson and not merge commit messages that include screeds about "relics of white supremacy".


On Wed, Jul 22, 2020 at 3:30 PM Python Steering Council <steering-council@python.org> wrote:
The following message was sent to a core developer. This message was thoughtfully and respectfully sent by the Steering Council as a serious reminder that the privilege to serve as a core developer comes with the responsibility to act thoughtfully.


Based on Code of Conduct violations in your recent mailing list posts, and under the recommendation of the Code of Conduct Working Group, the Python Steering Council has voted to issue a three-month corrective action to you for Core Python development.
This corrective action bans you from all Core Development privileges including commit rights, issue tracker privileges, and participation in all core development communication spaces including mailing lists, Discourse, and Zulip channels. This corrective action will be in effect for three months. At the end of the three month period, these privileges will be automatically reinstated.

The Python Code of Conduct workgroup reviewed the conduct reports and recommended that corrective action was necessary for the violations. The Python Steering Council finds these violations to be serious breaches of civility and expected core development conduct.

Please consider this corrective action as a serious reminder that Python core development is a privilege. This privilege to serve as a core developer comes with the responsibility to act thoughtfully and reflect on how hostile communications are harmful to other members of the community. We trust that you will respect the temporary loss of privileges and the seriousness of this action.

Python Steering Council
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