On Mon, Jul 19, 2010 at 17:46, Kurt B. Kaiser <kbk@shore.net> wrote:

He's made the comment a couple of times recently that he doesn't have a
development environment and can't make patches.  That's unusual.
However, since IDLE is pure Python, the necessary development
environment is minimal, I'd be happy to help him get set up.  I'm pretty
sure he has pretty much everything he needs already.


You might be interested in this doc I just wrote up for the PSF sprint group: http://docs.pythonsprints.com/core_development/beginners.html. It could use a more accurate/friendly compilation setup for Mac/Linux (I've done it in the past, I just have no idea what I did), but a few interested beginners have looked it over and said it was helpful.

Although a Windows development environment can be had with free (as in beer) tools, I can ping our contact at Microsoft for MSDN subscriptions as needed.