Hey all,

At the Language Summit last week, after Mariatta's talk we had a conversation around diversity and how to grow our contributor base, which led to someone (Steve Dower?) suggesting we post a sort of "Office Hours" list. This would be a list of current core developers who are interested in being available at set time(s) for helping mentor newer contributors in our community through our process and, if they're interested, mentoring them through the process of becoming core developers themselves.

This "Office Hours" concept is a type of thing that has worked well elsewhere, including around the software world, and we have some people interested in offering said mentorship, so I would like to move on to getting this list up somewhere so we can start doing it.

With that said, before I go make a PR to the devguide to start iterating on the implementation, an important question:

As this is both an event similar to an in-person meetup and an event meant to be a safe space for those getting started, it will explicitly mention the code of conduct. As such, it needs a person/persons/list to contact should something arise in this context that needs to be handled. What/who should that be?
 * Suggestion 1: use the already in-place core-mentorship-owner@python.org, though I can't tell who's on there.
 * Suggestion 2: Create some new list with a few key people on it.
 * Suggestion 3: List some direct names. Who?

As for implementation, there are some tools out there we could possibly use, but in the interests of getting something out there I'm just going to make a table and fill in some common information, starting with my own. Calendar apps and other integrations can come as we figure them out.