Also don't forget to replace #XXXX with GH-XXXX in the commit message.
I was hit by this few times.


On 20 March 2018 at 20:58, Paul Moore <> wrote:
Cheryl Sabella kindly migrated a patch I'd put on bpo some time ago
but forgotten about onto github. The PR (#6158) is ready to go (I
think) but this is the first time since the migration to github that
I've done a merge, and I'm not quite sure what the workflow is :-( I
didn't see much in the devguide (which covers how to write a PR, how
to test it etc, but not so much how to merge it, unless I missed
something, or it's so simple that the little I did find is all that's

Am I right that all I need to do is hit "Squash and Merge", tidy up
the commit message, and that's it for master? This is a doc change
which should probably go into 3.7 - so I presume I just add the "Needs
backport" label and Miss Islington does the rest? (I assume doc fixes
are still OK for 3.7 at this point?)

Is there anything else I've missed? (Do I need another approver? I'm
assuming not, for a doc fix).

Sorry for the dumb questions - if I've missed a glaringly obvious
explanation, feel free to let me know. I'm just a little nervous that
it's *so* simple I feel I must have missed something!


PS Thanks to everyone who has worked on the new github workflow. What
I've done so far has been really straightforward, and if I'm right in
what I think I need to do above, then you've made the rest of the
process beautifully simple, too!
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