On Jan 29, 2011, at 7:56 AM, Barry Warsaw wrote:

On Jan 29, 2011, at 11:22 AM, Georg Brandl wrote:

So my "pronouncement" here is: if reviewed properly, the patch will go
in 3.2rc2.  If this needs a few more days, so be it.  And should the
testing after 3.2rc2 reveal deficiencies, we will fix them and put in
another rc.

I completely agree.  We have precedence for delaying final releases to fix
known issues with existing fixes.  If we had an established release cadence
the it would be a different matter, but as it is, we release when it's ready.
If I were RM, I'd make the same decision.

The current RM and a former RM have spoken.

Please give them your support instead of second-guessing them.


P.S.  Even though it's late in the release cycle, I think we should be
thrilled at the quality and intensity of efforts to fixup mailbox and the
OS X issues.  If these guys (Ned, Ronald, David, Steffen, Antoine,
and Victor) had not poured in effort, these issues may have lingered
for long time.