On Tue, 25 Sep 2018 at 09:18, M.-A. Lemburg <mal@egenix.com> wrote:
On 25.09.2018 16:28, Mariatta Wijaya wrote:
> My proposal is taking into consideration The PSF's mission and diversity
> statement. I will not remove the diversity clause from PEP 8011.

I cannot comment on what you actually have in PEP 8011 as
diversity clause, since the page is just a placeholder at the
moment, but please take into consideration that we're *not* debating a
council which is to represent the Python community or other group of

The council is intended to be a technical body for steering language
design and needs experts as members who we all trust and respect
to make good decisions - regardless of any other criteria and,
of course, open to all core developers, regardless of background
(which is what the PSF diversity statement is all about).

> To save us all trouble of discussing this particular issue, for those of
> you who disagree completely, and have other ideas about how you'd like
> Python to be governed and who should be in it, you can do one or more of
> the following:
> - not vote on my PEP
> - vote on the other PEPs
> - write their own PEP

I think we're grown up enough to work on these PEPs together and
in the usual spirit of coming up with good solutions. We owe
this to the Python community at large who will be affected by
whatever we decide.

Correct, but since the PEP isn't ready to be published for discussion this thread is all speculation based on imperfect information since Mariatta tried to summarize something ahead of time.

For me personally, I am not going to participate in any discussion about any PEP until there is a published text to refer to, otherwise the discussion is ripe for misunderstandings. If a PEP comes out which people disagree with and want an alternative for I'm sure we can give them an opportunity to create a tweaked PEP (but I also assume we will have a civil discussion first in hopes of finding consensus first).