If PyCon UK was in the calendar, then it would be cheating, but since September 2018 appears totally open... :)


Larry – hopefully being close to home (#1) means you can join for the first few days. You won’t force someone else to miss out completely, we'll have room.


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From: M.-A. Lemburg
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On 18.03.2018 03:16, Larry Hastings wrote:



> On 03/07/2018 09:25 PM, Steve Dower wrote:

>> So far, I have locked in dates and a building. Assuming no disasters,

>> we will have Microsoft Building 20

>> <https://www.bing.com/maps/?pc=W8AP&FORM=MAPXSH&where1=47.643699,-122.131305&name=3709+157th+Ave+NE%2C+Redmond%2C+WA+98052&locsearch=1>

>> for our (almost) exclusive use from *September 10^th until the 14^th

>> *. This is a set aside building for guests, which should mean no NDAs

>> are required, and we’ll have a large space to use with a small kitchen

>> and a few conference rooms.


> FWIW this butts up against PyCon UK 2018, which starts Saturday

> September 15th and runs for five days.  I suppose it's getting harder

> and harder to throw a dart at a wall calendar and land on a date which

> *doesn't* have a PyCon running.  But still, I can think of one person

> who might have otherwise planned on attending both.*

You can use the Python event calendar to improve your dart skills :-)




(or is this cheating ?)



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