Python-Dev July 2006
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Release manager pronouncement needed: PEP 302 Fix
by Phillip J. Eby
14 years, 12 months

cgi.FieldStorage DOS (sf bug #1112549)
by Chris McDonough
14 years, 12 months

More tracker demos online
by "Martin v. Löwis"
14 years, 12 months

struct module and coercing floats to integers
by Bob Ippolito
14 years, 12 months

Bad interaction of __index__ and sequence repeat
by Armin Rigo
15 years

Which version of distutils to ship with Python 2.5?
by Collin Winter
15 years

Patch submitted, now what?
by Chad Whitacre
15 years

Testing Socket Timeouts patch 1519025
by Tony Nelson
15 years

Py2.5 release schedule
by Raymond Hettinger
15 years

first draft of bug guidelines for
by Brett Cannon
15 years
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