Python-Dev January 2010
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  • 42 discussions

PEP 1, PEP Purpose and Guidelines
8 months

Reviving restricted mode?
by Guido van Rossum
7 years, 5 months

PEP 3145 (With Contents)
by Eric Pruitt
9 years is gone
by Georg Brandl
10 years, 11 months

Problems with hex-conversion functions
by Ender Wiggin
11 years, 3 months

Making loggerClass an attribute of the logger manager?
by Georg Brandl
11 years, 11 months

Bazaar branches available (again) on Launchpad
by Barry Warsaw
11 years, 12 months

Mailing List archive corruption?
by Vinay Sajip
11 years, 12 months

Enhancing the shutil module
by Tarek Ziadé
12 years

PyCon Keynote
by Guido van Rossum
12 years
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