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Reviving restricted mode?
by Guido van Rossum
5 years, 5 months
PEP 423 : naming conventions and recipes related to packaging
by Benoît Bryon
6 years, 6 months
Point of building without threads?
by Antoine Pitrou
6 years, 11 months
Why no venv in existing directory?
by Stefan H. Holek
7 years
PEP 3145 (With Contents)
by Eric Pruitt
7 years, 1 month
Testing the tests by modifying the ordering of dict items.
by Mark Shannon
7 years, 1 month
python 3.3 b2
by Yury Selivanov
7 years, 5 months
PEP 0424: A method for exposing a length hint
by Alex Gaynor
7 years, 5 months
Requesting pronouncement on PEP 0424
by Alex Gaynor
7 years, 5 months
Re: [Python-Dev] [Python-checkins] peps: Update PEP-0424 with respect to feedback received.
by Andrew Svetlov
7 years, 5 months
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