Python-Dev January 2017
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Re: [Python-Dev] Adding bytes.frombuffer() constructor to PEP 467
by Alexander Belopolsky
4 years, 6 months

Imports with underscores
by Steve Holden
4 years, 6 months

ctypes, memory mapped files and context manager
by Hans-Peter Jansen
4 years, 6 months

Summary of Python tracker Issues
by Python tracker
4 years, 6 months

SystemError: new style getargs format but argument is not a tuple
by Terry Reedy
4 years, 6 months

IRC logs via
by INADA Naoki
4 years, 6 months

The "humor" section of the website is a bit outdated...
by Ryan Gonzalez
4 years, 7 months

[RELEASED] Python 3.4.6rc1 and Python 3.5.3rc1 are now available
by Larry Hastings
4 years, 7 months

--with-fpectl changes the CPython ABI
by Nathaniel Smith
4 years, 7 months
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