Python-Dev October 2021
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PEP 670: Convert macros to functions in the Python C API
by Victor Stinner
1 week, 1 day

Oh wow, this is really impressive
by Steven D'Aprano
3 weeks, 3 days

Python multithreading without the GIL
by Sam Gross
1 month

September Steering Council update
by Pablo Galindo Salgado
1 month

Type annotations, PEP 649 and PEP 563
by Thomas Wouters
1 month

Tips on C and the CPython Codebase
by Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer
1 month

The list.sort(reverse=True) method not consistent with description
by Raymond Bisdorff
1 month

raising a io exception when fileno is requested on a tarfile FileInFile
1 month

Should the definition of an "(async) iterator" include __iter__?
by Brett Cannon
1 month

Summary of Python tracker Issues
by Python tracker
1 month
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