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review for doctest fix: bpo-35753
by Alfred Perlstein
3 hours, 24 minutes

Ideas for improving the contribution experience
by Tal Einat
11 hours, 52 minutes

Re: Distro packagers: PEP 615 and the tzdata dependency
by Tianon Gravi
12 hours, 12 minutes

A question about pattern matching
by Marco Sulla
22 hours, 14 minutes

Advantages of pattern matching - a simple comparative analysis
by Brian Coleman
23 hours, 17 minutes

Remove formatter module
by Dong-hee Na
1 day, 4 hours

Words rather than sigils in Structural Pattern Matching
by David Mertz
2 days, 6 hours

The semantics of pattern matching for Python
by Mark Shannon
2 days, 18 hours

Questions about about the DLS 2020
by Mark Shannon
2 days, 19 hours

Matching syntax and semantics
by Eric Nieuwland
2 days, 19 hours
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