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PEP 651, Robust Stack Overflow Handling, Rejection notice
by Python Steering Council
4 hours, 28 minutes

Summary of Python tracker Issues
by Python tracker
5 hours, 25 minutes

CFLAGS_NODIST and -qalias=noansi
by Michael Felt
6 hours, 58 minutes

Integer concatenation to byte string
by Memz
8 hours, 2 minutes

PEP 654 -- Exception Groups and except* : request for feedback for SC submission
by Irit Katriel
8 hours, 53 minutes

Python history: origin of the arrow annotation
by Steven D'Aprano
12 hours, 34 minutes

Seeking review: Reinstate ability to run locally with local PEPs repo
by David Foster
1 day, 8 hours

Python Language Summit 2021 Signups Are Now Open
by Łukasz Langa
2 days, 3 hours

Suggestion About Python Syntax
by Anthony Farino
2 days, 5 hours

Requesting Review of Pull Request
by Nathan Beals
2 days, 22 hours
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