On Sun, Jul 23, 2017, 00:53 Michel Desmoulin, <desmoulinmichel@gmail.com> wrote:

> Optimizing startup time is incredibly valuable,

I've been reading that from the beginning of this thread but I've been
using python since the 2.4 and I never felt the burden of the startup time.

I'm guessing a lot of people are like me, they just don't express them
self because "better startup time can't be bad so let's not put a
barrier on this".

I'm not against it, but since the necessity of a faster Python in
general has been a debate for years and is only finally catching up with
the work of Victor Stinner, can somebody explain me the deal with start
up time ?

I understand where it can improve your lives. I just don't get why it's
suddenly such an explosion of expectations and needs.

It's actually always been something we have tried to improve, it just comes in waves. For instance we occasionally re-examine what modules get pulled in during startup. Importlib was optimized to help with startup. This just happens to be the latest round of trying to improve the situation.

As for why we care, every command-line app wants to at least appear faster if not be faster because just getting to the point of being able to e.g. print a version number is dominated by Python and app start-up. And this is not guessing; I work with a team that puts out a command line app and one of the biggest complaints they get is the startup time.


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