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Hello all,

I am very excited about a future multithreaded Python. I managed to postpone some rewrites in the company I work for Rust/Go, precisely because of the potential to have a Python solution in the medium term.

I was wondering. Is Sam Gross' nogil merge being seriously considered by the core Python team?

Yes, although we have no timeline as to when we will make a decision about whether we will accept it or not.

We haven't even discussed a *process* for how to decide. OTOH, in two days at the Language Summit at PyCon, Sam will give a presentation to the core devs present (which is far from all of us, alas).
The last update we had on the work was Sam was upstreaming the performance improvements he made that were not nogil-specific. The nogil work was also being updated for the `main` branch. Once that's all done we will probably start a serious discussion as to whether we want to accept it.

It's possible that I've missed those code reviews, but I haven't seen a single PR from Sam, nor have there been any messages from him in this forum or in any other forums I'm monitoring. I'm hoping that the Language Summit will change this, but I suspect that there aren't that many perf improvements in Sam's work that are easily separated from the nogil work. (To be sure, Christian Heimes seems to have made progress with introducing mimalloc, which is one of Sam's dependencies, but AFAIK that work hasn't been finished yet.)

--Guido van Rossum (python.org/~guido)