In conversation with Dan, I have fixed my conda package (but overwritten the same version).  I needed to add this to the build:

# sudo apt-get install gcc-multilib
CC='gcc -m32' make python

I don't have 32-bit headers by default anymore on my distro.  With that change, I can run:

% conda install -c davidmertz python=0.9
% python
>>> 2*2

Dan sent me links to some patches he developed himself, but I have not applied them.  I'm not doubting that they are good and useful, but I'm trying to make something as close as possible to what was actually first released.

The dead increasingly dominate and strangle both the living and the
not-yet born.  Vampiric capital and undead corporate persons abuse
the lives and control the thoughts of homo faber. Ideas, once born,
become abortifacients against new conceptions.